Build a bespoke Wedding Ring

Create you own ring from 400,000 options

Create your bespoke wedding ring

wedding ring styles

Every Style

From the all-time classic plain ring to diamond set, two colours, through to shaped wedding rings you have thousands of rings available to build.

Wedding ring materials

Every Material

Make your wedding band just as unique as you are. From sterling silver to 18 cart gold, choose from 10 precious metals and weights to find the perfect wedding ring band.

Wedding ring sizes

Every shape & size

With over 400,000 combinations, our wedding ring bands come in every shape and size to suit any size of finger. Stocking 6 different widths, four different profiles, and 48 different ring sizes.

Build a bespoke Wedding Ring: How to build your Perfect Ring.

Building a wedding ring is an emotional experience. It’s the one thing that you’ll wear for the rest of your life, so it’s important to make sure it reflects your personality, style, and beliefs. David Cullen’s bespoke wedding ring builder allows you both (the brides and grooms) to create the perfect ring, in the correct material and wedding bandwidth in thousands of different styles. With over 400,000 wedding rings, you are able to build the perfect wedding ring.

Our wedding bands will last a lifetime, in the right hands. Simply, start at stage one above and start building.

Why is it important to build a bespoke wedding ring?

Building a bespoke wedding ring is more than just selecting a design, it’s about two people coming together to make their own statement. It’s about creating something that will last a lifetime, and be worn every day.  Having over 400,000 options to choose from, you’ll be certain to find your perfect ring.

It is important to build your wedding ring because it will help you create the perfect ring for you and your partner. You do not have to choose from what someone else has created, but exactly what you want. The best part is that with David Cullen’s bespoke wedding ring builder, you are able to have the perfect wedding band for your budget with rings starting from €69 up to €10,000

How to design your perfect wedding ring

It’s time to stop settling for mediocre wedding rings. Your ring is the one thing you’ll wear every day, so it needs to be perfect. The David Cullen bespoke wedding ring builder allows you both (brides and grooms) to create your perfect wedding band, in the correct material and wedding bandwidth. With over 400,000 wedding bands to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your unique style.  You are eight steps away from finding your dream ring.

Build your own Wedding Ring.

Build your own Wedding Ring by going through the eight stages. Step one select your style, this could be the all-time classic plain ring, to showstopper diamond-encrusted flawless diamonds. Stage two you can select from 10 different band materials including gold or palladium and rose gold or platinum; step three choose a design that suits you best with over 1000+ designs available for each stage of building; step four pick out how gemstones appear like diamonds (which are always winners in any wedding ring) or the profile of the ring! This is such an easy process, as we have designed it, so anyone can create their dream wedding ring without having to know anything about jewellery making.

If you have any questions, please give us a call, and we’ll be happy to help.


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